This is also known as the freestyle stage, and no Judge will be present in this stage.
After the guy has completed his two weeks of celibacy, he will be taken into a room along with three girls who are ready to tease him for 31 minutes.

The girls will not be allowed to touch him, but they can strip, dance and touch each other using only their hands.
Sexual intercourse (girl on girl), total nudity, and use of toys are NOT allowed in this stage.
The girls can change clothes as many times they want, but not in front of the guy.

This stage will last for 10 days. Each team of three girls has 31 minutes a day to tease the guy. However, the guy is not allowed to cum during this stage.

After 10 days, the footage from this stage will be shown in the member’s area on this website. Members will vote on the teams, and the seven (7) best teams will go through to the next stage, while three (3) teams will be eliminated.